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iWalkDog makes walking your dog more fun!

With iWalkDog you play a game of observation and awareness while walking your dog.

Earn points by noting your surroundings and by getting your dog to do "stuffl".  

You'll inspired to continue walking until you earn pee and poo points. Good for you...good for your dog!

Take charge of your dog’s potty breaks.

Potty train your puppy or improve your adult or elderly dog's potty habits with iPottyTrain

The log in iPottyTrain records your dog's intake of food and water and identifies your dog's potty daily routine. 

By understanding the relationship between your dog’s food and water intake and his/her potty breaks, you can successfully schedule your dog’s potty breaks.

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iFunWalk encourages more exercise by making “taking a walk” entertaining.

Play a game of observation and awareness while you “take a walk.”

Earn points by noticing your surroundings.

Enjoy your walk more and be more aware of the people, objects and experiences around you. You'll be inspired to walk farther and longer as you strive to beat your previous scores and go for your personal best.

A log saves scores for multiple walkers andwalking routes.